Thursday, June 6, 2019

More Global Warming Lunacy

A tiny group of television meteorologists (fewer than 2%) is concerned about global warming and they are encouraging their colleagues to talk about it on the air on June 21, the summer solstice (you know, when it's hot). They are selling "global warming" items. I expect bake sales to commence any day now.

Here is my question: Since the stripe pattern stands for global  
warming, why in the world do we need more socks and leggings if the world is going to get much hotter??!!

This whole thing is being pushed, in part, by Climate Central, a part of what I call Big Climate. One of their paid activists has been publishing on social media. Since, to-date, they have not been very successful (after all, the case for catastrophic warming is pretty weak), they now resort to appeals to religion and Of course, the grants do not go to real charities, they go to other organizations pushing the global warming agenda. Everyone scratching each others' backs.

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