Friday, December 20, 2013

Oklahoma Ice Storm Update

Here is the 9pm forecast radar from an experimental mesoscale meteorology model:

Here are the forecast temperatures as of  9pm:
Heavy ice accumulation is expected during the late evening and overnight hours as the rain moves to the northeast. There will even be some isolated lightning strikes.

Power failures are quite possible with this storm.
The highest probabilities of power failures are in the areas with 0.25" or more ice coatings forecast.

When power failures are possible it is a good idea to:
  • Go to the ATM and make sure you have plenty of cash
  • Make sure your car is filled with gas and that essential errands are run before the freezing rain arrives
  • Have an inverter you can plug into your car's cigarette lighter so you can keep your cell phone and/or laptop charged

UPDATE: Here is the pair of 4am forecasts. The dark gray is light freezing drizzle. 

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