Timing the Storm

The Winter Weather

Here is the forecast for 9pm CST this evening:
The greens are rain, darker colors indicate heavier rains. The purples are freezing rain, again the darker the heavier. At this point only central Oklahoma is expecting the coating of ice to begin. Note: The computer models don't handle freezing drizzle well. So, there could be some slick spots in northern Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri that are not shown here.

For 6am Saturday:
Colors as above. Orange is ice pellets (sleet). Blues are snow.

For 3pm Saturday:
Heavier snow falling in Kansas. Heavier sleet from the Flint Hills into northwest Missouri. Winds will be increasing in the region leading to more power failures in the iced areas of Oklahoma and drifting snow in Kansas and points northeast as the storm moves toward Wisconsin and northern Illinois by dawn Sunday.

Thunderstorm Forecast

As of 6am Saturday:

Saturday 8pm thunderstorms (corrected map):
Note that very heavy snow with gusty winds will make traveling in Kansas, northern Oklahoma and northwest Missouri challenging to put it mildly.


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