Sunday, December 22, 2013

When You are in Kansas Over the Holidays

Best sure and visit:

visitors descend hundreds of feet in a freight elevator and enter a world covered in glittering, geometric salt crystals.
The sparkling crystals during Kathleen and my visit last summer. The underground mine is remarkable.

And, for more to do, click here.  And, these recommendations from The Boston Globe. 

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  1. I will actually be traveling to KS for Christmas, visiting my in-laws in Coffeyville. They aren't too adventurous though. My wife will go shopping with her mom. I might go trout fishing with dad, or shooting rats at the dump. And we will gamble at several of the local Indian casinos - something I get no particular joy out of.

    As for mining tours, I have driven through Picher OK several times - on the way to a casino. Really a sad story there; the town was abandoned because of lead filled mine tailings.


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