You Know Big Climate Is Getting Desperate

when they produce idiotic, offensive videos like this:

Record cold (including the coldest temperature ever recorded on earth a few days ago), above average early season snows and -- yes, Arctic ice back into normal (the blue line back within the gray tinting below) --
record harvests, fewer than normal tornadoes, fewer than normal hurricanes, and a record interval since the U.S. has experienced a major hurricane. Most of all, temperatures haven't risen for 15 years. What's not to like?!

Rather than celebrate that catastrophic global warming doesn't seem so catastrophic, we get idiotic videos like this.


  1. Appreciate your regular posts debunking the "global warming" disinformation that fills the mainstream media!

  2. The sad thing is that so many lemmings listen to junk like this and think it is real 'because it is on TV, or Al Gore agrees, or Oprah........
    Does anyone have critical thinking skills?


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