The Alleged Wichita Bombing Plot

I've been asked to comment on the national news out of Wichita today. Perhaps people think of me when they think of Mid-Continent Airport because I'm out there so frequently.

The only thing I can say is "well done" to the law enforcement officials that thwarted the plot. 

According to multiple reports, the TSA at Mid-Continent is making life miserable for travelers this afternoon; the security line was nearly out the door according to one photo. I see that as unnecessary "security theatre" -- after all, the suspect is in prison and the FBI representative said no one else is suspected.

But, let's focus on the great job by law enforcement and be grateful so many people are alive to celebrate Christmas with their families.


  1. This is not a case of law enforcement thwarting a plot. There was no real plot that has been identified. Whether or not there would have been if law enforcement had not created one is not entirely clear.


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