Top Weather Stories of 2013

Will this twisted twister of May 19 make the list?
I have my list here.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Angela Binyon, here is a view of the above tornado from a second vantage point a few moments before it started twisting itself into a pretzel. Please see the comments for more info.


  1. Mike,
    Where was the above photo taken? We (the Virginia Tech Hokie Stormchasers) were chasing just southwest of Wichita May 19th. Just as we pulled off the storm to escape the burgeoning traffic - and avoid getting hooked - a couple of folks in our rear-most van spotted what they described as a "sideways" funnel. Not sure our team got any photos tho'.

  2. Chris, I was on Clearwater Rd. about 5 mi. north of Clearwater. I'm posting a photo of the same tornado from a different vantage point.

    1. Thanks Mike! We were in that same vicinity and wound up bounding north and east ahead of the cell. We egressed eastward thru Haysville with the "green monster" of the hook right behind us. That must have been the beginnings of the tornado that our rear van saw.


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