Weekend Storm Update

Here is some additional information on the weekend storm:

Tornadoes and Severe Thunderstorms
The NWS Storm Prediction Center now believes the area about has a relatively high chance of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms (large hail and/or damaging winds) Saturday and Saturday night.


Here are the expected snows before 6am Saturday.

The computer models continue to be all over the place for the potential weekend snow storm. This is the U.S. NWS's GFS model which snows nuisance snows from northeast Missouri to Flint, Mich.

However, the ECMWF continues to snow a major snow storm:

The snow would be falling on Oklahoma and Kansas Saturday and moving east on Sunday.

Interesting all of the models show it snowing at Chicago on Sunday. If you plan to fly to or through O'Hare or Midway you might want to think about moving the flight up a day.

This is what we know right now.


  1. At this point, IMO the better advice is to 'monitor the storm.' Unless you are flying SWA or bought a refundable ticket, the 3 1/2 remaining major airlines charge $200 change fee per ticket PLUS fare differential and at this point there are no waivers in effect.

    Even then, good luck changing flights as I'm sure most routes are at or near 100% capacity those days.

    Anyway, good advice in watching the storm. Sure the models will change multiple times between now and this weekend.

  2. I am hoping the system takes more of a southerly track. A nice white Christmas would be fine with me in southwest Missouri.


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