Oklahoma: Ice Storm Warning!

From Dr. Ryan Maue via Twitter:

These precipitation types are up to 4pm Saturday. At upper left is a forecast of ice pellets (sleet). At upper right is freezing rain = an ice storm (more below). Green is rain of various intensities. Blue is snow; the darker the heavier. In Kansas, the sleet and freezing rain will change to snow by around sunset.

This on the map below is an ice storm warning in purple.

The Sperry-Piltz Ice Storm Index for northeast Oklahoma has values high enough to indicate power failures. First, the map:

The reds are level 3. Here is what each of the levels means:
So, if you are in an area predicted at levels 2 or 3, it is time to prepare for the possibility of a power outage and near impossible driving.
  • Have plenty of cash. ATMs and credit card readers do not work without power.
  • Fill your car with gasoline.
  • Have your generator filled with fuel. If you do not have a generator, consider getting a power inverter for your car so you can keep your cell phone and laptop charged.


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