Major Storm This Weekend

Because of the Christmas travel this weekend, I'm starting coverage of the developing winter storm.

The area labeled "strong storms" will have thunderstorms with heavy rain and a chance for some flooding. There is also a possibility of severe thunderstorms with a few tornadoes. Before anyone thinks  tornadoes can't happen on or near Christmas, keep in mind that a tornado went through downtown Mobile last year on Christmas afternoon.


The Southeast is wetter than normal. If heavy rains develop, flooding is quite possible. The ground is saturated in the areas in dark green.


This far out, a snow forecast is really, really tough. Starting during the day Saturday (have no idea if it will be pre-dawn Saturday morning or Saturday evening), there will be snow starting in the Plains.

Here is one model's idea:
And, another,

And, some of the models (European, below) bring the cold air in sooner with heavier amounts.

And, the earlier European with similar amounts but the heaviest snow farther south.

The point I wish to make: It is too soon to get specific as to locations or amounts! 

I am confident enough that if, for example, you are changing planes at O'Hare or Midway Sunday, I would advise you to check back and be prepared to make changes in your travel schedule.


  1. As much as I like snow, I hope there is no major icing, period! I would rather the rains and no snow, over any long periods of freezing rain. The last time my community had an ice storm, I had no power for six days.


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