Monday, December 16, 2013

Al Gore Would Be Taking Credit for It

Just read a piece that inspired the following thoughts:

If Climategate had not broken in 2009 just before the big Al Gore/United Nations extravaganza in Copenhagen, the world would have adopted draconian measures to deal with global warming. President Obama, still very popular, had flown in to bless the proposed agreement -- that rapidly fell apart.

And, now, with record snow in Cairo and Jerusalem and world temperatures slowly falling,
Al Gore would be taking credit for the cooling!


  1. But a NBC News report says November was the hottest on Earth since 1880. Thoughts?

  2. Yes, that has been reported in the press. What isn't reported is that the British temperature data (HADCRUT, which is what is used by the IPCC) and both satellite measures of earth's temperatures show November, 2013 had FALLING temperatures and nothing remarkable.

    Meteorologists know the climate temperature metrics as GISS (record Nov.), NOAA (record Nov.), HADCRUT, BEST, RSS, and UAH. First two showed a record, the others nothing remarkable.

    The problem with having so many from which to choose is that it allows cherry picking. On this blog, I always use HADCRUT unless stated otherwise. This allows consistency plus it is what the IPCC uses. And, HADCRUT showed nothing remarkable in November.

    Thanks for asking!!


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