Question from a Reader

Just got a question wanting to know why I wasn't posting snowfall amounts for next weekend. That is a reasonable question.

Six days out, I have little confidence as to the placement of any snow or ice that might fall next weekend. I don't post forecasts for which I don't have reasonable confidence.

So, it is worth mentioning the possibility so that people will know monitor the weather this week. I'll probably post locations starting Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. That is sufficient time that it would allow those driving or flying to move up their plans by a day or so to avoid the storm.

Thanks for the question!


  1. A thought Mike...Originally it looked like that really cold Arctic air was going to make it pretty far south and hang around. But now it looks like it will not and be short lived for at least lower Midwest and Southern Plains.

  2. Todd, so far, it looks like you are correct.

  3. That's what the Dec 15 afternoon AFD from NWS Denver is hinting - glancing blow at least for Colorado Front Range and 10-15F colder than 'normal' for a day or two (as opposed to the brutal outbreak we had earlier this month where we were 30+F below normal).

  4. Falco? Is that the next name in line for use by The Weather Channel, when and if the next winter storm occurs?


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