Today's Tornado Outlook - UPDATED - 9:55pm

Between now and 11pm, wind gusts to 70 mph with power outages are possible north of the pink line. 
A tornado cannot be completely ruled out in northern Illinois. 

This will be the last update for the night. 

Note: At 9:40pm, I believe the threat of tornadoes
is over in Wisconsin

Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm Forecast Updated 7:36p

Flood Threat updated at 7pm. 
The above is a flash flood forecast for the area outlined in purple. The highest flood risk is outlined in bright red, which corresponds to part of the tornado risk area. If you are concerned about flooding and don't wish to go to the basement if a tornado warning is issued, go to the bathroom or closest on the first floor (not second floor) in the middle of the home. 

-- original post, still valid --
The brown area has a significant risk of tornadoes later today (after 12 noon, CDT). Please keep an eye on the weather in these regions. 

Also, there is a risk of tornadoes in New England Sunday. I'll provide an update on that this afternoon. 


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