Today's Tornado and Damaging Wind Risk - Updated 9:25pm

9:25pm Update
This watch is in effect until 3am Wednesday. Two inch hail and 70 mph wind gusts are possible. 

5:05pm Update
In addition to tennis ball-sized hail and 75 mph winds, a couple of tornadoes are possible. 

2:40pm Update:

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for much of Kansas until 9pm CDT. 
2" hail and wind gusts to 70 mph are forecast. 

2pm Update:

The thunderstorms in central Kansas are causing large hail at this time. However, they are both intensifying and growing in size. It is possible that a line of thunderstorms with damaging winds with a slight chance of tornado will develop in the blue-outlined area.

I will update, as needed. The forecast below is still valid. 

--- original posting at noon ---
We have a small tornado risk area today.
The area in brown, which includes OKC, Moore and areas west along I-40 has a significant risk of tornadoes. That is the only tornado risk area in the nation.

There is also a risk of damaging winds. 
The hatched area has a risk of wind gusts of 75 mph or stronger. The red area has an enhanced risk while the yellow area has a significant risk. 

The yellow area (wind gusts of 60 to 74 mph) extends from the Minnesota Canadian border south then southeast across Louisiana and Mississippi. 


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