7:06pm Update --Today's Tornado Risk

Tornado Watch:
Minnesota and Wisconsin

This watch is in effect until 10pm CDT. In addition to "a couple of tornadoes," hail to 4 inches in diameter and wind gusts of 75 mph are forecast to occur. 

--- original posting (still valid) ---

There is a risk of tornadoes in the U.S. border area. This is a heavy recreational area. 

The brown area of northeast Minnesota and adjacent areas of far northwest Wisconsin have a significant risk of tornadoes beginning in mid-afternoon. 

This map is hail risk. Where you see hatching, hail larger than two inches in diameter is forecast to occur. The red area has an enhanced risk. The yellow area has a significant risk. 

If you live in the area, please make sure you monitor the weather in the region. If you know of people camping or boating in the area, please try to get hold of them to insure they monitor the weather. 


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