Faith and Climate: This is Extremely Unfortunate

As Pope Francis didn't define "deniers," we have no idea to what/whom he was referring. Two of his primary climate advisors are (highly unfortunately) Al Gore and Naomi Oreskes, neither of whom are climate scientists. Oreskes is an atheist and I don't know Gore's current thinking regarding faith. Francis can and should get better advisors. 

With the above said, please allow me to clear up a recent controversy on Twitter. When Pope Francis says these things they are not infallible statements. We Catholics believe the Pope is infallible only in narrow circumstances which are,
  1. He must be talking about faith or morals. Science doesn't count. 
  2. He must be speaking Ex Cathedra, which is in his official capacity and through an official document such as an encyclical. This qualifies as neither.
And, while on the subject, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe frequently uses her (alleged) Christianity to justify her, sometimes extreme, positions on global warming. I don't know why I have to state this but, here goes: The Bible is the inspired word of God but it is not a science textbook. 
The Bible should not be used by either side to justify their positions. Science is about what can be proven in the real world, not the spiritual one. And, by proven, it also means that others should be able to reproduce another scientist's results -- an essential element of science. 


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