Sunday Fun: Attention, Cooks Across America!

Here's my hamburger order. Please write it down now when you aren't under pressure. 
  • Hamburger, no cheese
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Tomato
I don't want them, but it is not a mortal sin if you mistakenly add,
  • Cheese
  • Pickles 

You will need to go to Confession if you add:
  • Lettuce, but it's forgivable. 
  • Same with onions.

What is not forgivable is MAYONNAISE!!!! Bruce Willis is completely correct! And, be sure to watch the video through the scene that starts at 1:25.
It seems many or most women like mayo and lettuce on their burgers and that's fine. But, they (and I happen to know that both cooks were women this week) seem to have difficulty preparing burgers without those two condiments. 

I'm a generous tipper. I go ahead and tip (20%) the server because he/she should not suffer because the cook mis-prepared the hamburger. But, I get really generous when it is prepared properly and the service is good. Capice?!


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