No, The Problem Isn't That People Haven't Heard About Global Warming

You can tell it is global warming silly season, otherwise known as the first full day of summer. 

A publication called DNYUZ is complaining that television meteorologists aren't talking enough about global warming. 

And, for the second consecutive day, the Washington Post is in "live update" mode because it is summer and it is hot. 

Below is the regional temperature map at 12:50pm. 

Here are, as of 1:07pm, the NWS heat messages for the Middle Atlantic Region.
Washington isn't even under a heat warning. The nearest heat warning is 150 miles away. Overkill, much? 

Seconds after posting this piece, the Washington Post tweeted this. It was "just in!!!"

As a person who believe that global warming is a genuine issue and that we should decarbonize energy production via nuclear as quickly as possible, I believe this is overkill and turns off far more than it wins over. Getting nagged, over and over, for 35 years is not much of a way to win over people.

I believe the Babylon Bee has it exactly right. 


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