8:20pm -- Florida Flood Update

The Heaviest Rains Have Moved South of Miami.

Below is the rainfall for the 12 hours ending at 8pm. 
72-hour rainfalls are in excess of 20 inches in places!

The update below was posted at 7:15pm
Extreme flooding for parts of Miami-dade and Broward Counties. 
This is a life-threatening situation. 

6:35pm: Forecast is For More Heavy Rain Next Three Hours in
the Area Outlined in Purple. The Heaviest Rains are Along and 
South of Alligator Alley

NWS assessment at 5pm:

Below is the map of 12hr hour rainfall to 6pm. As much as 14 inches have fallen near the Dade-Broward border at the coast.

Here is the latest flight information 7p. Many flights are cancelled. Among those that are not:
At Ft. Lauderdale, among the flights that aren't cancelled, there is an average seven hour delay. 

Here is the radar from7pm. Torrential rains continue to fall. 

Earlier Updates:

The heavy rains continue to fall in southern Florida. Below are the rainfall amounts over the past three days ending at noon. Some areas have received more than ten inches (red).

As of 4:22pm, heavy to torrential rain continues to fall.  
Green polygons are flash flood warnings. Yellow = severe thunderstorm warnings. 

Here is the forecast for the next five days, starting at 8pm this evening, which shows more heavy rain falling.
If you live in the Peninsula, especially south of I-4, please realize that serious flooding is likely over the next few days. 


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