The Wall Street Journal Is in the Tank For Climate Alarmism

As a subscriber for decades, I'm really sorry to report that The Wall Street Journal is now all-in for climate alarmism stories in their news coverage. Recently, they've been printing alarmist stories about once a week. Yesterday's story was about derecho's -- headline above -- and the one that affected Houston on May 16. One of claims made in the stories is that the airports only had just 60 to 90 minutes of advance notice -- which simply isn't true. Nor are derecho's connected to climate change. 

The National Weather Service did a fine job with their forecasts of damaging winds in the Houston area May 16, the day of the derecho. Their 11:33am severe wind forecast had Houston in the "enhanced" area -- more than six hours before the wind arrived. A tornado watch was out at 2:40pm (above) -- more than 3.5 hours before the winds arrived -- plenty of notice to take mitigation actions. If the airport officials weren't paying attention, that is not the fault of meteorologists. 

In addition, the story blamed the derecho on global warming. Only one problem: the gold standard IPCC says there is no connection (at least found so far) between thunderstorm-generated wind storms and climate change. You can easily find it in their latest report in Table 12.12. You may have noticed derecho = climate change stories in several publications since the Houston storm. 

So, there's no connection between derecho's and climate change and their contention that there wasn't sufficient notice to Houston's airports is just wrong. 

The Journal used to have much higher standards.


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