Fauci: No Kidding!!

Of course he did!! What is so appalling is that he had it right to begin with in his 60 Minutes interview when he said masks should not be worn. 

After reading a number of peer-reviewed medical papers, it was clear that masks did not block virons the size of those associated with COVID-19, so we started reporting on it in Q4 2020.

As if the above isn't bad enough, take a look at this.
Of course, NIH was Fauci's group. Talk about conflicts of interests!

The Congressional testimony the last couple of days about what Fauci and company did during the COVID situation has been appalling. I'm now with the people who say he should be jailed (if what he said he did was true; since it was under oath, if it wasn't true he should be jailed for perjury).

It appears that most everything and everyone in the public health industry (and I include government employees in that characterization) failed us in almost every way possible. It will take generations for this breach of trust to be repaired. 


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