America Held [Radar] Hostage - Issue Appears to Be Resolved

6:45am Thursday
It appears all radar data is flowing properly. 


We are now 51 hours into the NWS's major data outage. 
If interested, my initial report is here

6:30pm Wednesday

We have terrible flooding in progress in the Midwest, unwarned tornadoes less than 24 hours ago and the NWS still can't make its full suite of radar and other data available. And, they are not even working the issues on a 24-hour basis*!
Those of us who use (and pay for!) professional-level radar like RadarScope can still get it. 

But, the amateur radar is often used by law enforcement, fire departments, and other decision-makers is still either unavailable or sporadic 51-hours into the outage, per the above message. Other meteorological data is unavailable. And, recall that we went through this just this past April (although the duration was not as long). 

This evening, I am not going to discuss the problem of amateurs with radar "playing meteorologist" (see the story of the fatal Indiana Stage Collapse here if you are interested), but I will mention that a lot of non-life-threatening routine decisions are made with this type of radar (should the Little League game be canceled or can we wait out the shower?). 

The National Weather Service's (NWS) Mission Statement says,
If they are in the business of protecting life and property, this type of outage is intolerable, let alone the fact they are not working the issue on a round-the-clock basis. 

As I have said before, we must have a National Disaster Review Board as the situation with the NWS and other disaster-related agencies continues to deteriorate. 

* The item below was sent by the NWS this morning. Read the part in red. 
The NWS is not working around the clock on the data/network outage!


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