Friday, September 9, 2022

UPDATED: Tropical Storm Kay Affects Southern California

8:30am PDT
I have also updated the radar image at bottom as of 8:30am. 

Second update: As of 9:30am PDT, the NWS is forecasting an additional 2-4 inches of rain in the mountains encompassed by the red area below. 

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Flooding and high winds are going to be the result of Tropical Storm Kay affecting Southern California.

There is a serious risk of flash flooding in the red area where as much as five inches of rain is forecasted to occur. 
Keep in mind that you should never cross a flooded area by foot or by car! 

In addition, high winds will affect the region, including I-8 (especially) and I-10. Gusts may reach 70 mph near Alpine along I-8. This will be dangerous for trucks, RV's and other high-profile vehicles. A gust of 58 mph has already been recorded at Otay Mountain.

While this will be a brush-by from Tropical Storm Kay, keep in mind the Southern California is struck, on average, by a full-fledged hurricane about once every hundred years. The last was 1937.

Below is the radar from 8:38am PDT. The rain is moving north northwest. 

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