Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Announcing: StormWarn, A Revolution in Storm Warnings!

As you know, I have been working with the Survive-A-Storm tornado shelter company, which manufactures and sells world-class tornado shelters. However, in order to "survive," you must have notification a tornado is coming as well as access to effective shelter. 

Announcing StormWarn: a telephone notification service that will call you 24/7 if a tornado or winds of more than 80 mph are approaching. This service is especially valuable while you are sleeping.

During the past twelve months, damaging nighttime tornadoes have occurred in Bowling Green, KY (16 fatalities); Springdale, AR; and south Kansas City. So, it is important to have a 24/7 tornado alarm. But most apps, WEA, and NOAA Weather Radios alarm for non-critical storms such as those that produce 1" hail. The StormWarn warning is for the specific location for which you subscribe. 

The service will be included with the purchase of a shelter. 

If you aren't purchasing a shelter, you can subscribe for $25 per year. Click here to subscribe. 

You can enter two phone numbers and two email addresses as part of your subscription. In my case, I've entered both my home and cell numbers. 

With StormWarn, there is no more staying up into the night to monitor the weather when a tornado watch is in effect. And, there are no more 3am shrieking alarms for one-inch hail. You get warned only if you need to shelter: if you are in the National Weather Service's projected path of a tornado or 80 mph winds.

When it is safe to stop sheltering, you get a second call with an all-clear. 

If have a Survive-A-Storm shelter, we call you ten minutes or so after the all-clear to make sure you are safe or if you need additional assistance.

Finally: a warning service for dangerous storms to protect your family with an absolute minimum of false alarms for just slightly more than $2 per month. Sign up today!

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