StormWarn: Your Meteorological Smoke Alarm

The article above article was written after a nighttime tornado killed 24 people in Nashville and middle and eastern Tennessee in 2000. It made the point that "more effect warning systems" were needed for deadly nighttime tornadoes. 
CBS Nashville

We've solved the problem. A meteorological "smoke alarm."

Survive-A-Storm shelters, WeatherCall, LLC and I worked together to create StormWarn. Like a smoke alarm, StormWarn will alert you, 24/7, when your subscribed location is in the path of a tornado or winds of 80 mph or stronger. This is especially valuable at night where the call will awaken you if you are in a dangerous situation -- but will not awaken you for 1" hail or some of the other things that trigger weather radios and apps. You get both safety and peace of mind.

When the threat has ended, you get an "all-clear" call.  And, if you own a Survive-A-Storm Shelter, you will get a call a few minutes later to make sure you are safe and to see if you require assistance. 

Survive-A-Storm + StormWarn = Safety in Dangerous Storms. 

StormWarn is also the ideal storm warning solution for small businesses like restaurants, fast food establishments, and retailers. 

This life-saving service costs just $2.08 per month. You can sign up here


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