Latest on Tropical Storm Ian

The latest advisory from the NWS National Hurricane Center has Tropical Storm Ian strengthening into a major hurricane and striking the Gulf coast of Florida near Tampa. However, the point of landfall (which is what is shown the graphic -- not the size of the storm) could be anywhere along the Gulf coast within the white outline. 

As is often the case, they have slowed the speed of the hurricane and now have it making landfall Wednesday night. Still it is a good idea to begin preparations now. 

Some suggestions for this point in the storm's progression: 
  • If you get a portable generator, follow the instructions to the letter! In Hurricane Laura, more people died from carbon monoxide poisoning than from the hurricane itself.
  • Get extra cash from the ATM.
  • Make sure your vehicle is filled with fuel now -- before the rush begins. 
  • Pack a "go kit" so you can make a rapid getaway if an evacuation is ordered. It should include some basic clothes and any small heirlooms or other valuables. 
More to follow later today.


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