Considerable Tornado Risk in Florida

Here is the tornado forecast for Florida for Tuesday:

And, the forecast for Wednesday:

There is a serious risk of tornadoes in the yellow areas and a lesser risk in the dark green areas.

On Thursday, the tornado risk will move into northern Florida and, possibly, southern Georgia. 

Tornadoes associated with hurricanes form very quickly -- often faster than the tornadoes associated with supercell thunderstorms in the Midwest and South. 

Therefore, to protect your family, get StormWarn. It is the fastest way to get warnings 24/7. They come through two phones of your choice such as your landline and cell or your cell and the cell owned by your spouse. No more staying up late at night to monitor the weather when tornadoes are in the forecast. 

In additional to the telephoned warnings, you get an instant email with the location of the storm on radar and the specific location of your home (or other area for which you get a subscription). 


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