Thursday, September 15, 2022

Kansas: Keep Weed Illegal!

The Tablet
Kansas is one of the few states that has resisted the trend to legalization of pot. Our governor wants to start medical weed, which she says, "will be a good start." Start to what? A huge increase in stoned people?

The Tablet writes:

In 2012, Colorado legalized marijuana. In the decade since, 18 other states have followed suit. As billions of dollars have flowed into the new above-ground industry of smokable, edible, and drinkable cannabis-based products, the drug has been transformed into something unrecognizable to anyone who grew up around marijuana pre-legalization. Addiction medicine doctors and relatives of addicts say it has become a hardcore drug, like cocaine or methamphetamines. Chronic use leads to the same outcomes commonly associated with those harder substances: overdose, psychosis, suicidality. And yet it’s been marketed as a kind of elixir and sold like candy for grown-ups.

Kansas Legislature: Keep pot illegal! The full list of reasons is here

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