Monday, March 28, 2022

Update on the Status of the 2022 Winter Wheat Crop

The short answer: not good.

Here is a map of the primary hard red winter wheat area in the United States. Darker green represents more wheat production. 

Here are the current conditions of the wheat crop. The drought has really cut into wheat crop conditions in OK-TX-CO.

Here is the forecasted precipitation (rain and melted down snow) for the next two days, until noon Wednesday. I have superimposed a rough outline of the primary wheat growing area.

Because of the dryness and high winds, extreme fire danger is likely over much of the region.

Beyond Wednesday, here is the forecast rainfall from 7am Wednesday to 7am Monday. 
We need a slow inch or two across the entire winter wheat area and that is not what is likely to occur. 

Given the issues with Russia and the Ukraine, these problems in the USA will lead to bread shortages in parts of the world. Here, I think we'll have enough supply but at significantly prices. 

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