Sunday, March 13, 2022

Update on the Status of the 2022 Winter Wheat Crop

On March 2 and 8, I've written about the international implications of the drought in the Great Plains' winter wheat belt. Slowly, this knowledge has spread. The above article is from today's Wall Street Journal

Below is a chart of wheat prices for the past five years. By far the highest are the current prices.
With the war issues in Russia and the Ukraine, combined with the drought in the Great Plains, it is likely shortages of wheat and bread will result. 

Below is last week's precipitation in the winter wheat belt.

Below is the departure from normal precipitation for the next six days. There will be some light to moderate precipitation about Thursday of this week. 

And, below is the departure from normal for the next 15 days.

There are indications that a slow-moving storm will affect the Great Plains approximately the 21-24 of the month. If the models are correct, the rain/snow from that system is likely to be generous. However, whether it will be sufficient and in time to improve the state of the wheat crop is unknown at this point. 

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