Cold Wave Possible Next Week: Prepare Now!

All of the computer models are showing a major incursion of very cold air in the middle to latter part of next week and that will last for several days. I'll explain the meteorology below but first the effects:
  • Inflation will worsen.
  • Energy costs will go up even faster and there may be local shortages. 
  • The supply chain issues will worsen. 
I urge you to prepare now. Keep your car filled with fuel (even at current high prices, they will likely rise further). If you need essential items, get them now. This could include prescriptions or other items. Make provisions for elderly, the infirm or others that may need assistance. 

Here is the meteorology:

This is the forecast for temperatures at 6am CST next Friday. 

This is the forecast for temperatures at 6am CST next Saturday. 
While we don't know every detail as yet, I urge you to prepare for this cold wave. 

Addition: 6:45pm. Here is the NWS's 6-10 temperature outlook, issued after this was posted. Evidently, they are seeing the same indications as I.


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