Lightning Kills Cattle For the Millionth Time Since Creation -- This Time It Must Be Due to Global Warming

Beyond absurd....
What does it have to do with climate change? Nothing!

You'll see a lot of gross pictures if you Bing "cattle killed by lightning," so I'm not showing any of those.  Many head can be killed by a single bolt because cattle often take shelter under trees or near metal fences. 

The reason meteorologist Matthew Cappucci didn't mention the Texas tornadoes is because they had nothing to do with global warming. They were typical Texas tornadoes occurring at the time of year they typically occur.

Also, for the millionth time, violent tornadoes are getting less frequent as earth temperatures have warmed. This is a chart of official NOAA figures. 
There are many good reasons to decarbonize energy via nuclear energy and by hydroelectric sources (and not windmills and solar). The earth has clearly warmed the last 60 years and man is part of the reason. But, repeating these scientific absurdities do no one any good. 


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