"America's National Renewable Energy Lab Warns a 'Tidal Wave' of Wind and Solar Waste is Coming"

From Jo Nova and the Daily Mail,

It is hard to imagine how large these are: many are longer than the wing of a Boeing 747 and they do not degrade in landfills. 
For years wind energy zealots has told us about the wonders of wind energy but they have never seem to mention the giant amounts of waste, the fact that a zillion turbines won't generate any electricity in a calm wind (which, meteorologically, occurs most often when it is extreme hot and extremely cold -- when energy is needed the most), and that there is no reason to install them except for the huge tax credits given by the government. 

The first wind energy credits were doled out by the Carter Administration in 1979 -- and we know how well that administration went. We need to -- immediately -- end solar credits and let energy utilities make their decisions based on science and the marketplace -- only. 


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