We Are Destroying Free Inquiry in America

You know what happens
when you mix science and politics?
         -- Jock Elliot

This posting began with a discussion on the topic of  Facebook and others are shutting down genuine scientific inquiry

But it changed about seven hours ago. The suppression of scientific discussion isn't limited to Facebook. A number of scientific organizations are doing the dirty work themselves. 

From an American Meteorological Society (AMS) release yesterday afternoon. Their annual meeting is scheduled for Houston in January. This is what they disseminated about 4:40pm Wednesday:

As leadership of the AMS, we recognize ... the current situation in Texas [has] left many members of our community unsettled. Since then, several AMS members expressed further concerns about the location of the Annual Meeting in Texas related to recently adopted Texas state laws and policies, particularly sharp curtailment of voting access, abortion rights, and other civil rights; safety concerns due to recent expansion of firearm open carry privileges...

Of course, it never occurs to their Boston-based management that there is a reason people are flocking to Texas. You know, people who like what the state offers. 

Cancelling the meeting would cost the Society a small fortune (they aren't cancelling) but, 

While there would be a sizable financial loss to the Society by cancelling the in-person component at this time, it was not a driving issue in the deliberations.


After being a member for more than fifty years, I resigned from the AMS five years ago because it had morphed from a scientific society to a political organization with a focus on lobbying and, to a lesser extent, propaganda. This is a continuation of that de-evolution. 

A significant number of conservative members of the AMS have contacted me with regard to this issue. They, correctly, believe the AMS only cares about cashing their membership checks. Here's my advice:
Nothing will change until the AMS loses enough members. If you are an independent or Republican, I would urge you to resign from the Society. Democrats should also resign if they wish to make a statement about unfettered scientific discussion. 

More and more, I wonder if there may be enough frustrated conservatives and people who actually want to focus on advancing meteorology to began a, here's a name, american meteorological society??

Addition (Friday):
Evidently, the suppression of dissent is acceptable is being taught to our children. 


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