Thursday, October 14, 2021

Tornado Watch in Effect. NO, It Isn't a Storm!

The curse of wind farms continues.

In the darkness Tuesday night, with a tornado watch in effect until 6am, I received this tweet.
A person in the area was worried that a serious storm would develop and threaten. 

Except there was no storm at all. It, along with the little echoes northeast of Enid, are wind farms. These are what meteorologists call "false echoes." 

Last night, at 9:36pm, a tornado was in progress near Copeland, Kansas, moving northeast at 60 mph -- a mile a minute. Yet, we were having to explain the wind farms (the irregular echoes like the ones northeast of Enid, above, and we had to take time to manipulate the radar presentation to minimize them. That was necessary so people in he path of the tornado would not be confused. 

There are many reasons why wind power is a terrible idea. While this is relatively small when measured against wind failing in extreme heat and cold, it is another item -- like killing wildlife -- that must be put on the "anti-" part of the scale. 

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