Thursday, October 7, 2021

More Are Sounding the Alarm About Winter

Since posting my piece about shortages of consumer goods and energy at 12:01am Wednesday, others seem to be starting to sound the alarm. From a comment at Climate, EtcNote the accurate item about shutting down NY's nuclear power plant. 

The energy shortage is global. In China, factories went dark for weeks (or fired up generators) and even traffic lights are dark. New York, which shut down its “unnecessary” nuclear power plant this year, already faced shortage-induced blackouts this year in the summer heat. With winter coming, New Yorkers face the prospect of exorbitant power bills and the possibility they won’t have access at any price.

And, already, the usual suspects are making excuses for wind energy

Within my piece (pink link) there is a list of things we can do to prepare for the upcoming winter. I urge you to take a look. 

Forewarned is forearmed. 

-- Addition -- Saturday October 9

An important article from Foreign Affairs showing that nations and areas that have cut nuclear are rapidly falling behind on energy delivery. 

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