Friday, October 22, 2021

Another Global Warming Story That Is a Huge Exaggeration

The Weather Channel is telling us that some roads in Monroe County, Florida, which is the Florida Keys, will be "underwater" in five years

And, fixing 'the threat' comes at a "staggeringly high cost."

The story, typical for global warming alarmism stories, did not cite any science or databases. 

So, I did the work The Weather Channel should have done. 

The gold standard for sea level measurements is the University of Colorado. According to its data (above), sea level will rise 1/2" over the next five years (till 2025, as stated in the story) and 1.1 inches between now and 2031. A half-inch sea level rise will not put any road in Florida "underwater."

I've never understood why The Weather Channel has adopted extreme global warming alarmist positions. Between that and running shows about truckers during tornado outbreaks and NYC floods, I can't find much of a reason to watch anymore. 

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