Saturday, October 9, 2021

Global Warming: Is There Anything It Can't Do?

Meanwhile, Google is kicking off people who don't adhere to its global warming alarmism.
Jo Nova has details. As she puts it, 

The latest censorship step shows how fragile the global warming movement has become. Google wouldn’t be silencing skeptics if it wasn’t losing the arguments. And Google wouldn’t be losing if they had truth on their side. They have billions of dollars, control of almost 90% of all internet searches and support from governments, uni’s, professors, the UN and the whole renewables industry.

All the truth needs is a fair and open debate.

With the energy crisis spreading throughout the world, the United Nations' climate meeting in Scotland (scheduled to begin on Halloween, appropriately) is already falling apart. The Pope was scheduled to appear (inappropriate for a religious leader, in my opinion) but cancelled yesterday. Even though he confirmed his attendance, I doubt Biden will appear, either. Leaders of Big Climate groups have already said they will not support nuclear. As one put it, nuclear is "not welcome."

Informed people are not going to put up with sources of energy that are more and more expensive while less and less reliable. This is especially true since China continues to build coal plants at a rapid rate. 

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