For Christmas Gifts

Thanks for all of the great sales! 

However, Wednesday, I received this updated notification from Greenleaf Book Group, the publisher of Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather:

It should also be noted that large organizations like Amazon and Ingram have already announced to the publishers that there will be delays in their order processing and inventory receivings.  What this means is that with the increased demand during Q4, we could potentially see out of stocks on Amazon or B&N.  Right now, it is taking longer than normal to process incoming deliveries, which is causing delays in books being received in inventory.  Please be patient during this time. 

Add that to the Postal Service's announcement they are intentionally slowing the mail , things could get ugly if you wait to order books for Christmas. 

We just added to the supply of Warnings in the warehouse in anticipation of all of these issues. Still, if you wish give a copy of Warnings for Christmas, it would be a good idea to order sooner rather than later. 

And, finally, a few hours ago I received the latest sales information on Warnings and I want to thank whomever is purchasing all of these copies of the book!!
Thanks very much!!


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