Sunday Fun: My "Climate Anthem"

Because we haven't already spent too much on global warming.
Yeah, that's what America needs, a global warming anthem. [sarc] 🙄

So, I'll save everyone a fortune in money and effort. Here is my climate anthem, sung to the melody of "America the Beautiful:"

-- America the Infernal --

Oh, beautiful, our basic rights, will never be the same. 


We'll give them up, along with bucks and we'll live lives of pain.


America, America, climate will be thy fall,


The money's gone and so's our cars, as they make crushing laws.



Our childrens' lives will be without hope, water and prosperity,


Weather control, that is our goal, 


As pols worship the polls.


Oh, Greenhouse gas, oh greenhouse gas, for you we sacrifice


No outdoor play, nor steak fillet as we shoot climate dice. 


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