Friday, October 8, 2021

Think You Can Count on FEMA? Think Again.

The head of FEMA testified on Capitol Hill and confirmed something we strongly suspected -- that FEMA was pretty clueless regarding Louisiana's Hurricane Ida in August. She said,

In the past,  typically could count on several days to implement response plans for an approaching storm. That timeframe is continuing to get shorter and shorter as these storms intensify more quickly," Criswell said.

Wrong -- as usual -- when it comes from FEMA and weather interpretation. Assuming four = "several days," how about the map below? Ida struck just after noon the following Sunday. The M on the map = major hurricane.

Other meteorologists have made the same observation about FEMA's testimony.

FEMA was very late assisting Texas in February and late assisting Louisiana after Ida. This is their rationalization for their predictably awful performance.

Wednesday, I published a piece pertaining to what could be a difficult winter, including steps to prepare. Please heed them. I guarantee you cannot count on FEMA. 

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