"Civilian Climate Corps"

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In all of the mess in Washington is a proposed law to create a Civilian Climate Corps. I'm against it, in spite of the rosy portrayal by organizations like CNN. I can't see them clearing snow. There is very good  reason to believe they will be knocking on your door demanding to know what you are doing to fight global warming.
While it was quite a while ago, I was the head of our industry's lobbying committee and so I've read a lot of legislation. I don't like what I have read about the CCC. The bill is here

I don't like the concept for many, many reasons:
  • We are already spending trillions on global warming, mostly in ways that don't make any difference, but do funnel money to Big Climate's favorite groups.
  • The federal government is already a leviathan that is far too intrusive. 
  • The federal debt is far too much in debt already. 
  • There is a terrible labor shortage already (below), we don't need more competition for jobs, especially since I predict the CCC will accomplish little that is actually constructive. 

I also believe the CCC will become, at best, climate busybodies that come onto your property -- without invitation -- and try to tinker with your home and yard. Where do I see this?

(G) Increasing education of the general public on climate adaptation and mitigation, including ways in which private landowners can initiate similar efforts on private land.

(L) Addressing urban and suburban greening and revitalization, including—

(i) the preservation, restoration, and expansion of open spaces;

It is the words "on private land" that I believe will be "interpreted" to mean that the CCC can come on your property without authorization to accomplish these tasks. There are other parts of the bill that are of concern but those are the worst.

The feds have a long history of these types of interpretations. I'm not the only person with these concerns.
I have a feeling that the CCC will come knocking at your door with the compassion of the Internal Revenue Service. If you think this is a bad idea, let your congresspeople know -- today. 

This was just brought to my attention. I think it is a fair interpretation of what we are in for unless we get this monster defeated.


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