Tornado Risk in Great Plains This Evening and Tonight

Relative Tornado Risk

Remember, the risk scale I use elevates the risk for tornadoes that are forecasted to occur in darkness. The risk is also elevated when strong tornadoes are forecasted to occur.  I used four descriptor words:
  • Significant 
  • Elevated
  • High
  • Extreme
Note: Giant hail, larger than 2 inches, is likely in the elevated tornado area. Put your car inside.

Timing of Tonight's Storms

Recommended safety suggestions: 

Make sure you have at least three ways of receiving storm warnings.

✔️Weather Radio ✔️ Phone Alerts (turn on wireless emergency alerts) ✔️ Local TV ✔️Social Media ✔️Weather Apps

  • East of US 83 take your smartphone to bed with you!
  • Make sure Wireless Emergency Alerts are enabled. 
  • Start closely monitoring the weather after 4pm.
  • Make sure family and friends are monitoring the weather, also.
  • Make sure you can get family, especially infirm members, to shelter quickly if a tornado warning is issued.
  • Do not try to drive to a shelter after a tornado warning is issued. If a tornado watch is issued and strong thunderstorms approach you area, proactively go to your shelter area. Don't wait for a warning if you live in a mobile home or other unsafe building. 
  • If you have a motorcycle, football or other helmet, wear it into your shelter.
  • Insure your shelter area is ready to go. A flashlight, a couple of bottles of water, diapers, radio or TV, and always wear shoes into your shelter. 

I will be providing additional live weather information on Twitter @weatherexpert. 


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