Monday, October 4, 2021

3-Day's Headlines and Tweets of Interest

These have come in during the last three days. They are in no order.

Newsom = Governor of California

COVID is very low risk to children, much less than the flu.
I would not vaccinate my children nor would I have 
them wear masks. 


Today. Moron.

Huh?! This doesn't seem right

Airline stupidity is off the charts these days.

I love Coke and I know exactly which finger I would display

I have completely stopped flying until this nonsense is over (remember, the airlines say their
filtration removes 99.7% ofthe virus).
I am supposed to drive nine hours one-way this 
weekend. I used to that city 100% of the time.

And, I am certain every one of those lobbying firms 
is working to advance the public interest. 🙄

Isn't this a food that greatly increases greenhouse gas?
Also, can anyone translate the second sentence?

I have absolutely no doubt the result will be that you and I must

Speaking of liberty...

Is there so little genuine racism it must be manufactured?

After Biden's humiliating, unpatriotic surrender in Afghanistan, 
the people of Taiwan must be terrified. Either China will attack or 
some sort of "we will merge with China" agreement will be 
reached -- that China will observe as well as 
they have guaranteed rights in "independent" Hong Kong.

And, last, only California could be this stupid.
Of course, it is being egged on by the 'environmentalists.'
I wish we could pick it up and move it to Kansas in 
return for 300 wind turbines to be named later.

And, we end with...

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