Heads Up: United States East of Rockies!!

From tonight through Thursday, there is the likelihood of severe thunderstorms with some accompanied by tornadoes in a strong than average autumn severe weather period.

Tonight, the only real threat is hail in the Lower Missouri River Valley. 
Note: in the unlikely event a strong thunderstorm develops in south central Kansas, it would have significant tornado potential. But, the atmosphere is too "capped" and I don't think thunderstorms will develop. 

This is important
Missouri and the Arkansas Ozarks in the hatched area an elevated risk of tornadoes, some could be strong. This includes Columbia, St. Louis, the Lake of the Ozarks, Brandon, Table Rock Lake and Fayetteville. While I will update on this threat tomorrow tomorrow morning, it is essential to make sure your shelter area is ready today. 

The brown area has a significant risk of tornadoes This includes Tulsa, Little Rock, Cape Giradeau, Quincy and Ft. Smith. 

The weather system will have weakened a bit but a few tornadoes are still possible. 

This is important.
This may be a classic tornado outbreak in the central and southern Great Plains provided adequate moisture flows north. The specifics will become clears in a day or two. 

Tornadoes are possible in the outlined area. This forecast may have to be upgraded as we get closer to Wednesday.

If you live in the outlined areas, it will be important to monitor the weather on those days. 

Finally, here is the forecast rainfall for the next five days.


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