Monday, September 20, 2021

Unfortunate Words From Pope Francis

I saw this tweet yesterday evening, followed up, and found it was true. 

The story is here. You will have to have a vaccine passport to get into the Vatican. So, we are clear, I want you to be vaccinated unless your physician advises you otherwise. Please, get the vaccine! 

Back to the religion aspect of the Pope's actions: The Gospels say Jesus acted differently.

What makes Pope Francis' requirement of vaccine passports especially galling is because he has been a frequent critic of U.S. immigration policy under President Trump

“I say it publicly. I have even said that those that build walls end up being prisoners of the walls they build.”

So, the Pope believes it is okay for the Vatican to restrict the people coming into that country but it is not okay for the U.S. to do so. Leprosy, like COVID-Delta, is highly contagious which is why, in Roman times, they were forced to live away from others. Gospel historians say Jesus set an unusual example by interacting with the lepers. 

I am a practicing Catholic and it pains me to criticize any Pope. However, I believe it is important speak out so that non-Catholics do not misunderstand church policy. In this case, Pope Francis, in this case, is not proclaiming official Catholic doctrine. That is done through encyclicals and other methods designed for that purpose. 

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