Again: Never Get Weather Information From Politicians XXXII

How many times have I written and stated, Never get weather information from a politician?!

The vast majority of politicians have no interest in anything scientific, especially weather. They try to retain the weather info about which they were just briefed for the duration of the time they are in front of the media but they usually screw it up. That's why politicians should limit themselves to, "A major storm is approaching and I recommend you pay attention. Now, here's meteorologist Susan Jones with details..."
But, inevitably, they cannot. With President Biden, it is even worse because of his unfortunate dementia. Thus, this afternoon's spectacle. It is cued to the 5:00 mark and ends at 5:23. 
To: President Biden: Tornadoes are still called tornadoes. 

I have no idea what President Biden means by the "wetlands of Iowa and Nevada" and Nevada being "in the middle of the country." I can take a wild guess that he is somehow referring to the 2020 Iowa Derecho but I'm not sure because, to my knowledge, Nevada has never had one of those storms. 

As for tornadoes, for the umpteenth time, violent tornadoes are becoming rarer, not more common.
Official data from NOAA
The President's word salad is, I believe, intended to be a promotion for even more mega-bucks for the global warming grifters. Notice how, after trillions have been spent since 1988, it never gets any better? That is because it isn't intended to.

A friend recently sent me the video below from windy western Kansas.
As usual, none of the wind turbines are turning. They are low reliability power that always require natural gas backup. This was a day with temperatures near 100° -- wind turbines usually fail when it is warmest and hottest. Of course, that is when electricity is needed the most. 

If the same dollars had been spent on nuclear power, it would be humming along producing power nearly all of the time.

Big Climate doesn't want to fix the problem: it wants the political issue and the funding. 


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