Monday, September 27, 2021

Mike Smith Enterprises' Professional Offerings

We do many things in addition to this blog. 


Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather is an upbeat, true story of how scientists have tamed hurricanes and tornadoes and have conquered downbursts -- once the leading cause of airline accidents that killed hundreds at a time. It is available in hardcover or Kindle/Nook.
Warnings enjoys outstanding reviews and ratings (above) from readers. 

When the Sirens Were Silent is a short book (60 pages) that tells the story of what went so terribly wrong with the warnings for the Joplin Tornado of 2011. The highlights of 97 ratings are below:
Sirens also has detailed tornado safety rules for home, school and office. 

For all who have asked, yes, there is a third book in the offing. The manuscript is finished but, so far, I have not found an agent who wishes to represent it. 

And, yes, I do writing assignments for major publications such as the Washington Post, Slate, New York Times, Wichita Eagle, and others. 

Live Presentations

Even with COVID, I continue to appear live and via the internet to groups who are interested in learning about weather and how to protect themselves and how to use weather to make their businesses safer and more profitable. I never do "death by powerpoint." When I use visuals they are compelling that draw the viewer into the program. Speaking engagements have taken me from NYC to Miami to Hawaii.

I am represented by Ms. Mindy East of BaronRidge Productions. Her contact information is here

Business Consulting

I work with science-based existing and entreneurial businesses. I started WeatherData, Inc. in 1981 then sold it to AccuWeather in 2006 where I continued until I retired in 2018. Learned a lot along the way and I would be please to pass that knowledge along to you and your team. More here.  


I have taken over ten thousand meteorological photos that have been published in publications too numerous to list. I'm now offering a selected number of them via Adobe Stock Photography. These are images of the highest quality. 

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