Monday, September 13, 2021

Never Get Weather Information From Popes

Pope Francis knows better. Far better. In 2018, the Pope hosted a meeting about global warming at the Vatican. It seems to be one of his pet issues. 

Depending on source and inflation adjustment, the world has spent $2 and $4 TRILLION on global warming since 1990. That is hardly "inaction." Yet, nothing has changed. The world temperatures continue to rise (below). 
Perhaps Francis could return to the reign of Pope Benedict and re-read the following:
Earth is still here. 

Regardless of the dozens of "tipping points" that have passed without catastrophe, the climate parasites tell us, we need to devote even more of our precious resources on trying to control the weather 80 years from now. 

In a lengthy story in the Daily Mail, there is nothing the Pope or other religious leaders recommend we do differently other than continuing to throw even more money at the problem. That is not a solution, it is political posturing. It is also a good reason why the Vatican should be extremely careful when it comes to commenting on science. 

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