Climate Night? Hah!

We are utter fools if we continue to deploy wind energy while decommissioning perfectly good nuclear plants. Fools. We already have too much wind energy (ask people who live in Texas). 

There are many good reasons to decarbonize electricity production. That can best be accomplished with hydro and nuclear. Wind and solar not necessary. More here. The people who benefit from our current policies (shutting down U.S. energy independence) are Russia, Iran and China.

Climate Night - Utter Hypocrisy
It seems even politicians and celebrities -- including those that vociferously impose wind and solar o the rest of us -- at least in their personal lives, get it, including almost all of those who participated in tonight's "Climate Night." So, let's go in search of solar:

Jimmy Fallon's home. Any solar on the roof?

Ding...ding...ding. Jimmy Kimmel has solar. Look at left side of the roof.

Obama's new Martha's Vineyard Home. See any solar panels?

"Climate Czar" John Kerry's Natucket home. Solar panels? Nope!

One of Al Gore's three homes. No solar here, either.

One of President Biden's homes. None of them have solar.
The people who are trying to guilt you about global warming fly around on private jets, live lives with gigantic carbon footprints, and are total hypocrites. They are also morons

And, while we're at it:
With the exceptions of Al Gore and Leonard DiCaprio, there are no bigger environmental hypocrites than Meghan and Harry; with their private jets and motorcades. Exactly why we taxpayers are funding this is a mystery to me. 


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